5 Reasons why Excel is better in a web app

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According to Microsoft, Excel is the ‘world’s most widely used programming language’.

But why is it better to use an Excel web app? In this article, we’ll share five reasons.

Why it makes sense to convert Excel to a web app

First launched in 1985, Excel is one of the world’s most popular business software tools. And with its dynamic approach to formula creation, Excel is adaptable to a range of needs. Popular uses include storing data, managing expenses and calculating tax repayments.

But when Excel is not centralized or stored securely, problems arise. And when there’s a simple solution to this, it makes sense to convert your existing Excel spreadsheets into a web app.

5 reasons why it’s better to use an Excel web app

So, what’s so good about using an Excel web app?

1. It lets you control version history

Almost 90% of businesses use spreadsheets to control budgets. That’s huge.

And with Excel being one of the most common and well-used business tools, it makes sense to keep excel spreadsheets in one place.

As most of us know, stress and frustration can increase when you find yourself sifting through various versions of a spreadsheet. So, rather than update your spreadsheet only to find another version has emerged, it’s best to convert excel to a web app and control version history.

2. It’s better for integration

If team members create their own excel spreadsheets, they’ll find it harder to share that data across other platforms.  

But when they use an excel web app, they’ll find it much easier to integrate spreadsheets with other programs, platforms and apps.

When you convert excel to a web app, you let users think big about what’s possible with their excel workbooks.

3. It allows for customization

Excel To Web App lets you create a bespoke app that matches your needs, and the needs of your business. We can create any custom-built feature to enable you and your teams to work better, faster or more creatively.

For example, by adding a process workflow, you can turn your excel web app into an effective business tool. So, once you convert to a web app, you can add processes like automated notifications and approval requests. And this is a powerful way to improve business outcomes.

4. It reduces errors

Often, you need to protect the integrity of excel spreadsheets.

And when you’ve spent a lot of time getting your formulas right, the last thing you want is for someone to type over them.

When humans account for at least 90% of spreadsheet errors, an excel web app will let you control user access and permissions. This way, you’ll have no more worries about broken formulas.

5. It improves scalability

Startups and scaling businesses need tools that help them grow. And without a centralized point for all excel spreadsheets, growing teams will continue to grow your list of spreadsheets.

When you use excel in a web app, you get real-time updates on new activity. And teams can all look to one central repository to update spreadsheets, rather than keeping hold of their own.

Excel To Web App create custom-built apps that give businesses an advantage over their peers.

Contact us for a free quotation. We’ll be happy to develop your customized excel web app.

5 Reasons why Excel is better in a web app