Why manufacturing businesses must move away from excel and into a web app in a cloud-based system

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SMEs in the manufacturing industry are known to be late adopters of cloud-based systems. But when they move from excel to web app, they gain huge benefits.

And while there are many reasons for their slow move to the cloud, manufacturing firms do lag behind other industries.

For example, 32% of larger UK manufacturers invested in cloud computing in 2020. But with combined global spending amounting to 385b USD, this could be much higher.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll reveal the main benefits for manufacturing businesses to move away from excel spreadsheets and into the cloud.

It’s easy to make the move from excel to web app in the cloud

Manufacturing businesses often use complex excel models to track their products, equipment and assets. And after many years of use, these models become valuable intellectual property.

Excel To Web App helps businesses across the manufacturing industry to securely convert these models to web apps. Plus, we know how to turn an excel spreadsheet into a sophisticated web app that can live in the cloud.  

Why should manufacturing businesses move to the cloud?

So why is it so important for manufacturing to get into the cloud with a web app for excel? Here are a few good reasons to start:

  • Increased Productivity

Moving existing excel models into the cloud means better access for all. And with so much remote work going on, your teams will work more productively from a single point.

And the stats back this up, with 88% of UK firms seeing a demonstrable increase in productivity after moving to the cloud.

  • Improved Accuracy

Being in the cloud gives teams real-time access to all company documents, files, and data. And with a single source of truth at hand, your teams will find it easier to make accurate updates. Plus, the cloud avoids any confusion over which one is the latest version.  

  • Better Security

By keeping all company data in one place, a cloud-based system provides higher levels of security. And we know that most attackers get into networks through phishing and email-borne threats via individual PCs and laptops. So, any documents saved on workstations, or sent via email, pose a higher security risk.

But when you’re in the cloud, you get an effective solution to this problem.

Note: Excel To Web App also utilizes Azure Active Directory, which gives your documents an extra layer of protection.

Excel To Web App helps manufacturing SME’s move from static excel sheets and get into the cloud

Excel is an extensive and easy-to-use tool for the manufacturing industry. And it’s an effective solution for capturing data on equipment, tools and assets.

But with the increase in remote working, the cloud is a better place for your spreadsheets.

At Excel To Web App, we can show you how to turn an excel spreadsheet into a sophisticated web app for a cloud-based system. And we know this will help you to increase productivity and results.

To receive your customized web app, matched to your individual needs, get in touch today.

We’ll help you move from excel to web app with ease.

Why manufacturing firms must move away from excel and into cloud web app